Are you looking for a showpiece as eye-catcher in your home or for your client?  And would you like to feel the warm, authentic atmosphere that you experience in the most beautiful Luxury African Safari lodges? We find for you the most special handmade African home accessories such as authentic Juju hats, shields of wood or shells from Cameroon or wooden animal sculptures. During our travels we are always alert for real treasure hunting; finding objects that are rare or hard to find. Sometimes we find the objects along the road, another time through the safari lodge where we stay. Every item we sell is an exclusive addition to your interior! Every decoration that we find for you exudes a special story. The story of age-old craftsmanship that is handed over from generation to generation. The passion and pride for the culture shines from the entire collection that we show you in our Online Store.

‘Tribal meets Interior design, the perfect combination!’

Be surprised and discover our collection of African home decorations!

Ps. Do you have a special wish for a particular decoration from Africa, large or small? Then We’ll be happy to search for you on our travels! Let us know via

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