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Do you want a showpiece as an eye catcher in your house or as a gift for a special person? And do you want to relive the warm, authentic atmosphere you experience in the most beautiful African Safari lodges? We find beautiful handmade African home accessories like authentic wooden masks, special pots or animal sculptures of wood or other material. During our travels, we are always alert to finding special products in low quantities. Sometimes we find our treasures along the road, some another times we find new contacts through the safari lodges or camp sites where we stay. The accessories from the Limited Editions in our webshop are an exclusive addition to the right atmosphere in your home!

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The ‘wow feeling’ of the luxury African Safari lodges in your home

Inspired by the beautifully decorated luxury safari lodges in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, we are looking for the exclusive (wall) decorations that exhale the authentic African atmosphere. During my travels, I’m looking for the Limited Editions where you really have to stand still and say “wow, that’s it!”

Accessories with a story

The search for the accessories, small and large, is an adventure in itself, but the stories of the people who make the products are even more special. The family with eight children in a deserted village that produces special pots but also the cool designer of Cape Town who has not yet been discovered, selling his first samples. We would like to tell you the pure story behind your purchase.