13" Laptop sleeve – Indigo & Gold Moths



  • Design: Indigo & Gold Moths
  • Material: Paper (coated with nano liquid spray), soft cotton lining and magnets
  • Color: neutral brown, gold and blue
  • Dimensions 22.7 cm x 32.5 cm
  • Brand: The Wren design
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Design laptop sleeve of paper – Indigo & Gold Moths

With this design laptop sleeve made from coated paper with Indigo & Gold Moth’s design of The Wren design, you have a unique item and an eye catcher in your hands! Pure and with a good story from Africa, that’s this sleeve. This will suit you all the way! This sleeve is handmade in South Africa. Take a look at our other sleeves with Indigo & Gold Moth design as well.

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Natural materials
This laptop sleeve for ladies and gentlemen is made of natural materials: recycled paper originally from cement bags. The paper is coated with a nano liquid spray, lined with a soft fabric and therefore extremely strong, water repellent and bumper proof. This allows you to store your precious laptop in this sleeve with a restful heart. An additional compartment provides space for documents and pens.

Handmade by the professionals of The Wren design
Your new sleeve is produced by the talented artisans of  The Wren design, a trendy brand that is very popular in the world. Every product is handcrafted manually by the team of the Wren design. The production method is complex and requires a lot of patience and precision.

This laptop sleeve for ladies and gentlemen is the proof of that. Pure, unique in its kind, handy in use and great strength.