Beaded Bangle | silver | Cameroon


Material: clay and glass beads
Includes: standard for the bangle
Color: silver
Diameter: about 15 cm
Country of origin: Cameroon

5 in stock (can be backordered)



A powerful accessory of countless glass beads
This ‘Beaded Bangle’ (color silver) or Tikar bracelet comes from the Tikar tribe from Cameroon and fits in the perfect picture of your interior. The Tikar bracelet is a beautiful decorative piece in the form of a donut and is decorated in itself or in a group.

These bracelets are made of clay and completely covered with hand-stitched colored beads that have been pressed into the clay. Our collection consists of various color versions and is therefore easy to match with the color that suits you. This silver Tikar bracelet is a unique design object that brings together ancient traditions and techniques from Africa.

The beaded bangle comes with a beautiful standard so you can choose the ideal place for this unique decoration piece with a story. There are only a few in stock so make your choice and order online with us today.

Age-old tradition, a beautiful story
The Tikar bracelets were originally used as a means of payment and were often part of the dowry of women in Africa. In many cases, the Beaded Bangle or beaded belt showed a certain wealth or power as with many African jewels and traditional objects. Originally, these bracelets from Cameroon were made of clay and covered with leather. The beautiful glass beads of this Beaded Bangle reflect the age-old tradition of Africa, and give that touch of African tradition in your home.

Cameroon; country of many tribal decorations
In Cameroon you will find besides these beautiful dark green Tikar bracelets as decoration item also many other home decorations that were originally used for other purposes. From a young age, the techniques are passed on to the next generation. In every manufactured item there are hours of manual work and passion for the own culture that the people want to pass on proudly.

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