Bracelet – African Breeze



  • Material: Glass and wooden beads in different colors, sizes and shapes, attached to a sturdy narrow cord with closure
  • Closure: Nickel-free closure with small label with ‘Umtha’
  • Colors: white, green, brown, blue and orange – various colors
  • Dimensions approximately 22 cm.
  • Brand: Umtha
    All our products are hand made and can therefore slightly deviate from the image.


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Bracelet with stones and beads from Africa – pure nature
This African Breeze bracelet is the answer to a piece of nature around your arm. Simplicity and colors melt together. Cheerful, pure and graceful.

Do you have a preference for a particular material? Glass, wood, leather or stone, choose! All our bracelets are expertly crafted by Umtha’s talented employees from Cape Town. With the utmost care they chose the materials and colors of this beautiful bracelet. To surprise you (or a dear person) with a beautiful, lasting piece of jewelry around your wrist.

Do you want to put together your own bracelet? This can be done with this African Breeze as well as with the other mix & match bracelets in our webshop. The bundles of seven bracelets you simply disconnect from each other and wear separately when you want. So today you go for the green colors and tomorrow you wear the neutral bracelets, matching your outfit.

Do you like more of a neutral bracelet with very thin beads? You can also find them with us (such as the Mixed Passion bracelet).

Choose from 20 types of bracelets with a special story from both the materials and the makers. Do you like colorful, cool (like the Mix & match African Style and African Breeze bracelet), or lovingly? In this webshop you will find your bracelet with the material that suits you! Elastic bracelets or beautiful leather, every detail has been thought. It is not for nothing that we make so many customers happy with our product range, which we supplement every year. With these bracelets you wear a piece of pure nature around your arm.

Bracelets with a story
In 1992, Dave Milligan, owner of Umtha, bought some beads in a local store. He was unemployed and at home he freed the beads into a beautiful piece of jewelery for his wife Cheryl who loved it. Together they discovered the demand for special, handmade and affordable jewelry. They made limited editions that they sold in local markets and at a few stores.

Dave and Cheryl met Jostina Dubase in 1996. She lived in a shelter for women in difficult circumstances. Jostina wanted nothing more than a job. That was offered to her by Umtha, and with success. With this Dave and Cheryl took a new path. They wanted to create work, and with it a future, for low-skilled and disadvantaged people from the townships around Cape Town. Meanwhile, 15 people are working in Umtha’s studio.

Umtha is officially approved by the COFTA (Cooperative for Fair Trade in Africa) and the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).