Lozi spear #4 | Zambia


  • Material: wood, iron and feathers
  • Color: dark-black
  • Diameter: approximately 60 – 80 cm
  • Country of origin: Zambia
  • Which spear do you choose? #4 is the most right spear on the image.

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A Lozi spear from Africa on your wall … oops…
This beautiful Lozi spear we found for you in Zambia through our contacts. Manufactured by the original Lozi population and cherished in their love for their own people with rituals and history. In the early days the spears, arrows and bows were only used to to bring the evening meal to the hut and during ritual ceremonies. Nowadays, interior designers jump into the air when they can process a set of some pretty spears as wall decorations in their client’s interior. These lozi spears are separate from each other or as a set a beautiful exclusive eye catcher on your wall.

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The Lozi population
The Lozi population is an ethnic group that mainly lives around the Zambezi river in West Zambia. They count approximately 575.000 in Zambia on a population of 10 million. The Lozi speak Silozi, a central Bantu language.