Makenge Basket | 60-70cm | Zambia


  • Material: fibers from the Makenge bush
  • Color: Natural
  • Diameter: 60-70 cm
  • Country of origin: Zambia
  • Includes: black metal stand and a rear hook for wall mounting

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A beautiful natural accessory as a decoration
This Makenge basket from Zambia has a beautiful story of origin and is a very special addition to your interior. Show the basket on the included black metal stand, place it on the table or hang the basket on the wall, just what fits in your interior. This authentic basket breathes a story and brings warmth into your home.

Only the most skilled craftsmen and -women in the remote villages of Zambia are able to weave these baskets. Each basket takes an estimated two months to manufacture. The fiber is the tough root of a Makenge shrub that has been cooked and dyed with natural vegetable dyes. Each basket has unique patterns that convey messages about beauty, marriage and family

Age-old tradition, a beautiful story
In a centuries-old tradition, new brides in Zambia get a hand-woven basket made from the roots of the Makenge shrub. Often the baskets are passed on by the mother or in-laws to the bride and in the future she will pass the basket to her own newly married daughter. The baskets are so durable that the same basket can be used in a single family for over 100 years.

In everyday life, the married woman uses the basket to store grain, carrots or other food and to decorate her house by hanging the basket on the wall. Each basket has been decorated in the course of time to reflect personal taste and tradition. No basket is the same.

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Zambia; the land of many tribal decorations
Zambia is known for its beautiful baskets. From a young age, the techniques are passed on to the next generation. In every manufactured item you see the passion for the own culture that the people want to pass on proudly.


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