Necklace with pendant – Free birds


  • Design: Free Birds
  • Includes: beautiful gift box
  • Diameter pendant: 3 cm
  • Length of the necklace: 80 cm
  • Material pendant: nickel-free aluminum, white bronze and glass
  • Material chain: double-silver plated silver chain
  • Brand: The Pendant Warehouse,
    Cape Town
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Necklace with unique pendant – Free Birds
Are you looking for a necklace with a unique pendant? For yourself or as a gift to your girlfriend, wife, mother or other dear person? We show you the most beautiful handmade nickel-free necklaces with pendants by talented entrepreneurs in South Africa. The glass dome with special image is a real eye catcher on the thin, sturdy nickel-free chain! If you love pure nature, the Fly Away Bottle necklace, filled with seeds from the African mountain geranium, is certainly a necklace that suits you. Or do you love the pendant with Turquoise Butterfly? Each necklace with pendant in this collection tells a personal story, the story that suits the woman who wears it.
Choose from more than 25 nickel-free necklaces with pendants from South Africa
Make your choice out of more than 25 designs of pendants. Colorful, birds, botanical, loving and many more designs. The Flower Treasure pendant carries a wealth of memories. The pendant is filled with a dried flower from South Africa. Open the pendant and fill it with your own memories of a holiday or another special moment.

The shell of the glass domes from this collection is a nickel-free aluminum alloy. The plating on the back is made from white bronze. This too is nickel-free and a mix of copper and aluminum. We have 30mm and 20mm hangers in our collection. The 30mm pendants are attached to a 80 cm double-silver plated silver chain. The 20mm pendants are attached to a finer short necklace, made of sterling silver (92.5% silver).
Pendant with a story
Hanici Bredekamp and her husband live in Cape Town. Together with a small team, they manufacture our collection of necklaces with a pendant under their company name The Pendant Warehouse. Just like the other studios we work with, Hanici is open to suggestions, ideas and trends to share. In this way we come together to very beautiful products that fit the trends of today!

The Pendant Warehouse provides employment for a group of pensioners so that they can supplement their old-age provision. They also regularly call in the help of the ‘Woodstock needle ladies’. These ladies lost their jobs in the textile industry when South Africa decided in the 1990s to support the Middle East and China and to buy cheaper textiles instead of buying from their own people in Africa.