Shield shells & beads #4 | 55 cm | Cameroon


  • Material: wood, glass beads and shells
  • Color: white and off-white
  • Diameter: 55cm
  • Includes: black metal stand
  • Country of origin: Cameroon
  • Which shield do you choose? # 4 is the second right shield of the bottom row on the image.
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In mid-May 2018 we expect to be able to supply these shields.

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An exclusive handmade accessory as a decoration
This hand-made shield made of bead and shells from Cameroon and with a huge patience of angels. Cameroon has about 240 ethnic groups, and this special shield is made by local artisans from the Fang Tribe. The shields are a feast for the eyes because of the innumerable glass beads, supplemented with shells. On the back is a mounting hook. Ideal for wall decoration.
Age-old tradition, a beautiful story
Originally African shields were used for defense, ceremonies and ritual dances, but nowadays they also serve for symbolic and decorative purposes.
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Cameroon; the land of many tribal decorations
In Cameroon, in addition to these beautiful beads and shell shields, you will also find many other home decorations that were originally used for other purposes. From a young age, the techniques are passed on to the next generation. In every manufactured item there are hours of manual work and passion for their own culture that the people want to pass on proudly.