Tutsi Bangle | 25 cm | Rwanda


  • Material: wood with copper inlaid squares
  • Includes: standard for the bangle
  • Color: dark brown
  • Diameter Bangle: about 25 cm
  • Country of origin: Rwanda

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The wooden Tutsi Bangle: a special object
We only have one of this wooden Tutsi Bangle in  stock. Bangles are difficult to obtain and therefore so much wanted. The three inlaid copper squares in the original wooden bangle and the solid shape are typical features. Decorate this wooden Bangle on its own or in a composition together with other types of Tutsi bangles, it gives a beautiful effect! The Bangle comes with a matching black metal stand. With this you (re) place the item easily. Order this beautiful wooden Tutsi Bangle online today with us.

Protection item turns in design object
Do you know the story behind the Tutsi bangle? The Tutsi population wore these hand-made ‘wrist protectors’ to protect themselves against bruises from the recoil of the strings of the bow and arrow. Like many other objects from Africa, a functional accessory.

Many people know Rwanda only from the bad stories in the newspapers, especially from the nineties. But the country and the people have so much to offer. The small country in East Africa has only an area of ​​26,338 km² and is a few degrees south of the equator. The hilly landscape of Rwanda is covered with beautiful rolling grassland and small farms. The Mountain Gorilla is currently attracting many tourists to Rwanda.


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